9 Sutras to write a damn good content!

Good Content is like honey and its taste lingers even after it has been drank.  A blog, new posting in communities or a newsletter, all are media vehicles.  A great brand not just focuses on form (ads on TV and other media) but also on the substance of the content (what is said, how said, etc).  While there are heated arguments on when does a blog becomes a blog and not a note or white paper, there is an anonymous agreement on what good content is.

Based on my barb with fellow content worshippers and less than tolerant critiques, here are few criteria that define what a good content is.

  1. Focus: What is the central message of the article? Have you stuck to it?
  2. Relevance: Is each sentence at a right place. Does it connect and flow from previous and lead to the next logically. Only flow makes a reader stay.
  3. Character: what is the story all about? Is this an informed Yuppie or a sober professorial lecture or a high pitch shrill of joy? Character of the content can vary form Inform, compare, referential to endorsement.
  4. Personality: What is the personality of the content? Does it have some black shades somewhere? Is there a shade of grey? Nothing like a taciturn arguments that can bowl a googly at the reader to wake him up. Humor, Negotiate and argue with the reader. Indian classical dancers employ Navaras (9 emotions) to aptly engage their audience. So should you.
  5. Provoke and ignite responses: A good content not only engages the readers but must also elicit responses.
  6. Beauty in simplicity: Clarity comes easily with simplicity. Hence, use simple words which results in an effortless reading. Use terms/words which are widely understood, do not expect your reader to reach out to Encyclopedia to understand what on earth you wanted to say.
  7. 15 words rule: Short, simple and 15 words sentences read always better. Mend this long walk habit of 2-3 lines. Your readers interest gets lost in the highway. And finally,
  8. Write in your own way. Do not labor hard to write like some senile academician to sound intelligent and informative. Avoid aping the 40 year old Bollywood star pumping iron to look  like a college kid. Remember, authenticity and experience sharing in your inimitable style would always succeed in long run.
  9. Proof read, do a Spell and Grammar Check before any of the content goes online. Remember, good grammar may not grab attention but a bad grammar definitely does!

-Amrita Rao

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