Why many sales teams fail???

One of the paradoxes of corporate life is that you see many a time a star-studded sales team fail to reach the numbers while a bunch of honchos seem to ride home easily. While dissecting the common differentiators between the two teams across organizations, keeping all things equal, I discover three fundamental characteristics that define a winning team to one that also ran. First, the winning team has focus. It knows what animals it is chasing after, the pain areas it is going address and unabashedly goes back to the targets, even if rejected earlier. Secondly, the winning team pays attention to details. There is intensity in planning, intensity in reviewing the lost and won cases and more importantly intensity to follow up and unlearn. But the most important thing that differentiated winning team from others is the independence the team had from top management. Sales team that had too many changes to accommodate the wishes of the management, teams that had management interfering too much into tactical decisions and management dispensing with trust and respect of the senior members of the sales team in front of other sales team members failed to meet the mark. When I shared the observations with my grandmother, she flashing her single tooth 100 voltage smile, laughingly said, hey is not it what Ramayana teaches you. Lord Ram, the efficient leader marshalled an army of monkeys, crossed the ocean and defeated Ravana. Old age wisdom, hope the new age CEO realizes the fundamentals have remained the same. Focus, attention and independence are must for a team to sales team to win.

R. Ganapathy

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