Marketing & Customer Engagement

Marketing helps to differentiate a company from its competitors and sustain revenue and association from loyalty rents. Companies find despite significant spend their customer reach and customer engagement is weak. With plethora of marketing vehicles (including social media) available today the need for cost effective and impactful marketing approaches is more pronounced. Marketing assets are not aligned to inform, influence and advocacy of the products and services. Customer insights are peripheral, ability to seek and curate ideas and solutions and associated value propositions for newer offerings is a challenge. Marketing efforts are not aligned to complement and support sales efforts

Browne & Mohan consultants help in branding, naming (renaming), social media including website, collaterals, case studies and brochure consistent with branding. We also help clients to integrate offline and online media vehicles, define “rich context based content” strategy for social media platforms. We help companies develop thought leadership platforms and community branding solutions. 

Our Marketing Consulting Engagements Include:

  •  Brand strategy, renaming, logo redesign for an email marketing company.
  •  Communication and advocacy approaches and metrics for a Not for profit.
  •  Store branding, line of visibility improvement, and promotion for a bakery chain.
  •  Social media strategy for an IT product company.