Family Business Transformation

Family run businesses are a significant segment of any nation’s industrial structure. Family business can emerge stronger by on boarding professionals, adopting appropriate governance structures, productize services, create new services and organizations, and expand into newer offerings and markets.

Browne & Mohan consultants work hand-in hand with founders and family in establishing profitable and deeply bonded family business. Our consultants help in establishment of Family business Office and family business charter detailing goals, who will lead business, compensation for non-executive family members, investment and corpus creation, family code for conduct of business. Our consultant’s advice family controlled firms on governance, CEO succession, and leadership development.

Our Family Business Engagements Include:
  • Establishment of Family office for a large manufacturing company.
  • Succession planning for a 3rd generation diversified company.
  • CEO and leadership development in a family business
  • Creation of cousin consortia for a large diversified group.