Engagement Models

Our Models depends upon The Complexity and Objectivity of Engagement

Short term engagement

Our short term engagements are outcome focused with clear objectives that can be completed in couple of months. These projects, mostly transactional in nature may involve business plan creation, structuring of companies, evaluation and suggestion of sales incentives, redesign of process, operational improvements, etc.

Long term engagement

Our long term business transformation engagements requires us to work with the client over multiple quarters. In these engagements we are not only involved in strategic ideation, but work hand in hand in implementation also. We follow the COCM model (Client owned, consultant managed), where the human resources are all client owned. Browne and Mohan consultants will help manage the resources in building and implementing the capabilities and in transfer of skill sets. Our consultants will spend quality time to engage the functional teams and guide them on using the methodologies and in implementing processes.

Board level engagement

Browne & Mohan board engagements include independent director services, board review, mentoring of boards and board advisory services. These engagements typically span multiple years and the engagements are managed by our senior consultants who bring more than two decade of advising companies