Our Consulting Approach

Browne & Mohan is a boutique consulting company that helps companies re-engineer their business models, re-wire their market relevance and realize sustainable revenues. We help companies discover newer revenue streams, deeper market engagements, reduce risks and realize higher productivity.

What we do

Browne & Mohan supports companies right from idea to implementation. We enable a simpler and smarter way of doing business.

Our Framework

Browne & Mohan uses a proprietary framework based on transaction cost economics and Systems dynamics that helps companies assess their maturity. Our framework reflects financial, operational, people and systems dimensions and indicate what needs to be changed to grow to next level.

Product & Services
Roles & Ownership
Outcomes & Results


Cash Management
Cost controls
Arrest revenue leakage
Grow aftersales


Focus on efficiency
Fortify SCM
People skills & KM


Measure outcome
Incentivize for Impact
Retool & rejig