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Business Transformation


Quest Informatics Pvt ltd is an IT software and solution company supporting one of the global heavy industry OEM. They were offering engineering services and developed a dealer management system for the client.

Problem Context

Management wanted to expand their offerings to multiple clients across different geographies to de-risk their revenues.  Quest informatics engaged Browne & Mohan to analyze the growth options for the company to grow from X to 5X in next 3 years. Management also wished to have a framework led sales management ensuring higher funnel strength and increased customer reach, better account targeting, increased mining to increase profitability.

Services Offered

Browne & Mohan consultants conducted a business audit, based on which new products and service areas were identified. SPENCO led sales management was rolled out with weekly reviews and formal account management was introduced. New brand positioning, marketing and sales reviews and leadership expansions were carried out.

Key areas of Improvement

Business transformation:

  1. Strong after-market leadership positioning with new products and solutions
  2. Framework lead sales process for acquisition and mining
  3. Brand building activities including thought leadership seminars
  4. Geographic expansion and new vertical diversification