Business Transformation

Companies have to continuously evolve whenever markets, technologies, or customer preferences change. They need to redefine their products and services and realign their value proposition and delivery to remain relevant and competitive. Companies have to decide markets they would diversify, business models and revenue sources they would pursue.

Browne & Mohan’s consultants bring their multi-industry and multi-cultural experience in market, technology and product-specific analysis, blend their insights with facts to design appropriate strategy. Browne & Mohan consultants use resource based and competition theory frameworks and industry tools such as PSPD, Value Control Matrix to suggest and implement restructuring the financial, operational, strategic and organizational elements.

Our Business transformation Engagements Include:

  • IT service company emerging as integrated product, solution & services company
  • Publishing services company emerging as product & solution player
  • Concierge from emerge as a Multi-service professional service firm

While our Business transformation projects are multi-quarter engagements, for clients who wish to see quick changes we offer an Intensive 100 day business transformation, where we work closely with clients on one fixed agenda: Unlock the Uncommon growth. In this period, we help our clients to build the capability, implement review process and increase the scalability of the company.  We prepare the company to sustain and reap the benefits of interventions.