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Who We Are
What We Do

What We Do

Browne & Mohan provides business consulting services on Strategy, Operations, Marketing and Finance. We are a full cycle consulting firm where we not only advice clients but help implement our suggestions, monitor the progress of intervention. Our consultants help clients:

1) In building profitable, sustainable and de-risked business

2) In bringing predictability into sales process right from suspect stage      to closure

3) In building optimal sales and organizational structures to meet their business objectives

4) In transforming the processes of their Sales, HR, Marketing divisions

5) In devising and rolling out appropriate accounting procedures, financial risk assessment and mitigation

6) In designing and implementing right supply chain organization

7) In eliminating waste, rework and service failures

8) In creating successful brands, market engagement through print and social media strategies

9) In devising and implementing appropriate corporate governance process at Board level and across the organization

10) In building appropriate channel structures and rebate schemes

11) In designing the right incentive and performance management systems

12) In raising and managing the capital

Most of our client engagements are “transformative” in nature, spanning multiple years and involvement at multiple levels. Our consultants act as independent board members, offer board and CEO mentoring services (including interim CEO), and engage in continuous review of the business process. We also engage in “transactional” projects, specific outcome based assignments which are dismissed on the accomplishment of the project. Based on vast business experience and deep industry knowledge, our consultants offer solutions to clients in a variety of industries across different capabilities.

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