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Board and Governance Services
Innovation Lab ™
CEO in Program ™
Strategic Growth Workshop

Browne & Mohan distinguishes itself in the consulting arena by offering proprietary, highly customized and outcome based offerings.

Unique offerings

  • Non-executive independent board support: Our senior consultants act as non-executive independent board members on listed and unlisted companies helping them in governance, strategic review and tactical response on strategy, operations, marketing and finance.

  • Board level mentorship program: Our senior consultants act as mentors to the board members advising them on board performance, board management and leadership development.

  • Strategic Growth workshop: We offer highly customized program for leadership teams to uncover their organizational growth options, and means to reach the growth objectives.

  • Innovation labTM: We offer simulated offline/online experiments for companies to discover latent customer needs, willingness to pay and create successful new products and services.

  • CEO-inTM program: We offer a rigorous on-the-job learning program to groom future CEO through real-life application and action oriented mentoring. Highly recommended for family business and start-up businesses.

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