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Transactional Services

The corporate finance of a company is a prime strategy for growth that can enhance the shareholder value of the organization, create long lasting partnerships with other businesses, or attract new investors.Research indicates that M&A deals among companies do not necessarily translate to additional value for the acquirer. However, there are many advantages to be attained when the right kind of M&A strategy is implemented. 

Browne & Mohan aims at identifying the right opportunities for mergers and acquisitions that will generate additional shareholder value for our clients.  In an increasingly competitive environment, synergies will be important in determining cost savings, effective cultural integration and creating a competitive growth strategy for those who choose M&A as the route to winning in the market place

Some of our M&A engagements include

  • Seed investment into a telecom product company

  • Due diligence of an aerospace product company for a private equity player

  • Valuation of a construction company

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