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Information Technology

The IT industry is one of the few global industries spanning across developed countries such as the USA, UK, and Germany as well as developing countries like India, Russia, and the Philippines. With convergence of devices, the industry is witnessing newer business models, enterprises demanding instant connections to customers, partners & employees, end users select technology for business-critical devices.


Emergence of “Everything as Service” as the big paradigm is dramatically changing the distribution and consumption of IT. Public cloud and Private cloud adoption are increasing as IT is emerging as a utility. Virtualization of assets and IT for business agility, flexibility and robustness has emerged as the central focus of CIOs. IT is emerging to be strategically and externally proactive.

On demand provisioning and de-provisioning, Data Analytics – Intelligence, Productivity (Unified Communication and Collaboration), and heterogeneous IT (bring your own device - Application access to all devices – PCs, Slates, Smart phones) are the major IT drivers.

Browne & Mohan consultants have more than two decades of experience in the IT industry consulting on a variety of business issues

Some of our past engagements include:

  • New Professional services for an international market

  • Versioning and pricing of a healthcare product

  • Cost benefit analysis of a private cloud

  • Productization of HR service





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