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Innovation Lab ™

The Browne & Mohan Innovation Lab ™ is a test bed for new product ideas and processes, and aims to create market-winning products and services using customer centric frameworks and tools.

We draw on our past experience in business to offer:

  • Validation of new business and entrepreneurship ideas

  • Product/service map

  • Customer contact performance and optimization analysis

  • Price point mapping and feature mix

  • Key “order-winning” features and pricing

  • Versioning and bundling screening

The Innovation Lab ™ also offers product and process audits in live or simulated environments to identify the reasons why your product might be failing or not performing as expected in the market. It uncovers latent customer needs that may not be addressed by your products, price-feature misalignment, and product branding issues.

Our recent engagements in Innovation lab are:

  • Automated HR product

  • Product feature identification and adoption assessment of a luxury resort.

  • Service recovery strategy for warranty programs

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