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Growth Strategy

The growth strategy of a company is likely to define its financial health in the future. For companies facing economic turbulence, the need for discovering new sources of revenue, revising existing business models and evaluating investment opportunities become key priorities. Browne & Mohan’s growth strategy for clients is based on our thought leadership in select areas of expertise.

We synthesize market, technology and product-specific information


using valuable knowledge insights from our business experience to provide customized strategic growth workshops enabling companies to realize their growth potential. Unlike many other consulting firms, we share entrepreneurial responsibility for our recommendation and partner with our clients for their successful implementation.

Browne & Mohan consultants have been engaged recently in:

  • Providing linear and non-linear growth and investment strategies for companies in the computer hardware, telecom and technology industries

  • Growth strategy aligning profitability, predictability, sustainability and de-risking for an IT services company




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