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Food and Fashion

Food industry is a recession proof industry. Growth of packaged foods is raising even in developing countries like India. Heritage foods in many homes are being replaced by newer cereals and eating out options are growing across cities and smaller towns.

Fashion industry consisting of hosieries, leather goods and cosmetics is also witnessing tremendous growth. Metro-sexual men and health conscious women are seeking newer hedonic products. A company looking for growth in these segments requires quicker understanding of the trends, creation of flexible capacities and innovative product and distribution approaches to maximize shareholder value.


Browne & Mohan’s consultants have helped companies to assess performance and capability gaps and identify design luxury and leisure properties, product themes, novel distribution strategies such as store-in-store concepts for low volume specialized products, newer designs for young adults, etc.

Our recent engagements include:
  • Store-in-store model for a textile firm

  • Design concept for a juice firm

  • Business model for Indian snacks player

  • Specialized Diabetic food chain



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