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Marketing & Branding

Managing customer relationships can be critical to determining a company’s success. Not only is it necessary to build a base of clients, but it is all the more important to retain and nurture developed relationships. True customer-led growth will depend upon the ability to maintain existing relationships before forging new ones. Customer-led growth can be fostered through an understanding of the value proposition of one’s offerings and how it falls in line with customer needs, enabling the company to continually serve its client base and ensure their satisfaction.


Browne & Mohan’s marketing experts lay the foundation for pricing, promotion and distribution of the client’s products and services, to successfully engage various stakeholders of the industry. We create branding strategies addressing the company’s unique position in the market, thus establishing a strong favourable perception towards the company. 

Some of our engagements include:

  • Naming of the company, branding of a B2B e-commerce player

  • Segment needs, value proposition, pricing and promotion for a company in the IT industry providing email hosting services

  • Social media branding and on-going engagement with an multi-product software company

  • Design and analysis of brand concept maps for large product companies in the healthcare and food services industries


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