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Corporate Strategy

Strategy defines the roadmap a company must follow to establish itself as a leader in the marketplace. A company looking to realign its business objectives and management practices must revisit the organization’s mission and vision, its understanding of the industry landscape, and the impact on shareholder value.

Browne & Mohan’s consultants have helped companies to assess performance and capability gaps and identify competitive advantage- ensuring companies are equipped with the right set of tools and methodologies, and the knowledge to respond effectively when faced with uncertainty.  

Our engagements include:

  • Competitive Strategy for a Concierge firm

  • Corporate strategy for an application management company

Corporate Renewal

The need to reinvent one’s organization is an imperative in the face of a dynamic and competitive business environment.

Browne & Mohan’s consultants use resource based and competition theory framework and industry tools such as PSPD, Value Control Matrix to suggest and implement restructuring the financial, operational, strategic and organizational elements of an enterprise.

Our valuable knowledge insights and business expertise provide a winning long-term business model to ensure sustainable growth going forward. 

Some of our engagements include:

  • Strategic and organizational renewal for a large document management company

  • Restructuring of an application management firm


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