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Employment Opportunities

At Browne & Mohan, we are committed to delivering high quality services to our clients. To achieve this, we rely on our most valuable resource- people.

Our clients see us as men and women of strong character, knowledgeable in their areas of specialization, efficient in quickly processing information and providing valuable solutions. Our organization culture is result oriented, result driven, and attempts to create leaders everywhere.

We do not hold the “pedigree” of institution or family of individuals of major value. We believe a consultant to be a self-drivenand self-made knowledge seeker. We encourage happy, positive attitude people who share the joy of growth of others as much as theirs to join our firm.

We select people for passion, idea generation, diligence and hardworking nature. Our interview process involves multiple selection tests including case analysis, live client assessment, project reviews, etc

The career path for consultants is as follows.

Assistant consultants (+2 years consulting experience), Sr. Assistant Consultant (+3-4 years consulting experience), Associate Consultants (>4 years client facing consulting experience), Principals (>6 year experience), Associated Head (Practice) and Practice Head..


Relationship opportunities

Young Dolphins Program for undergraduate students (BBM, BTech/BE, BA)

Young Dolphins is Browne & Mohan’s flagship internship program to attract students of leading academic institutions with backgrounds in management, technology and social science. We offer a paid two year internship for undergrads with degrees in engineering, management, economics, sociology or media. Each year Browne & Mohan selects a batch of four students based on a comprehensive evaluation process by our staff. A select batch of students may be sponsored for MBA.

Deans of colleges may send their nominations and interested applicants may submit their application to Mr TR Ashok, with a cover letter indicating specific areas of interest and college academic transcripts.

Browne and Mohan Consulting Fellowship Program for MBA/ MA (Economics, Sociology or Media studies)
ManyMBA and post-graduate students lack sufficient exposure to consulting career and are underprepared for the rigour and expectations of the field. The academic institutions may have limited real-life and practice oriented faculties and facilities to prepare them for a management consulting career. Students from Tier-2 and Tier 3 colleges may also miss out joining the elite consulting profession due to other infrastructure limitations.

Considering the above, Browne & Mohan has initiated a two year Fellowship program for postgraduate students in management, economics, sociology, and media studies. Each year 3 students across the discipline are selected through a rigorous program by our staff.

Fellowship program is to attract individuals with strong analytical and communication skills, and willing to learn the nuances of consulting professions through “learning by doing”.
Fellowship participants receive junior consulting salaries, Insurance and professional development financial support.

Returning Falcons: Women professionals who have taken a break and wish to return At Browne & Mohan, we recognize many highly qualified and experienced women professional take time off from their career to take up their personal responsibilities. We recognize the professional expertise and personal commitment these people bring to consulting environment.

We encourage women professionals with academic backgrounds in CA, ICWA, MBA, MS, MA- Economics, Sociology, Marketing and advertising to apply. For more information please visit :
Interested applicants may submit their application to Mr TR Ashok, with a cover letter indicating specific areas of interest, experience and college academic transcripts

Resident Entrepreneurs/Resident Consultants
A program that allows start-up entrepreneurs to stay and work with Browne & Mohan consultants so that they can apply singular focus in building up their idea. The program offers an opportunity to interact with the best minds, receive practical advice on honing the ideas, right introductions and access to key networks. Resident entrepreneurs do not receive any remuneration from Browne & Mohan.

Resident consultants is a program for experienced professionals (retired or serving with significant experience at senior levels) who would like to be involved in short term projects, mentoring programs or other public platforms.
If interested pl apply to Mr TR Ashok,

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