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Transformational Services
Change Management
Board and Governance Services
Sales Transformation
CEO-In Program

Browne &Mohan is recognized for its long term performance impacting engagements where the focus is not just on revenue maximization or a functional improvement, but comprehensive development of governance, strategy, and implementation activities.

Our transformational services include:

1) Change management: restructuring, realignment of structure, process, etc with an outcome impacting effect

2) Board & Governance: third-party independent board services or board mentoring to help adherence to good practice, boardroom discipline, review process, stakeholder reporting and development of measurement systems.

3) Sales transformation process redesigning the inside: direct: indirect sales teams, hunter Vs Harvest teams and their measures, partner sales Vs direct sales, regional Vs national teams, the sales process (SPENCO), sales review process

4) CEO-In program: Coach and mentor family owned business entrepreneurs or start-up entrepreneurs lacking formal management education on nuances of leadership, management, goal setting, monitoring, personal branding, etc






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