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Enablement Services
Innovation lab
Strategic growth workshop

Browne and Mohan consultants offer unique enablement services for companies to validate their assumptions and products-in waiting or a platform to bring forth ideas, ruminate the challenges and options guided by our expert and experienced consultants.

Browne & Mohan offers two unique enablement services, viz.,

1) Innovation lab

2) Strategic Growth Workshop

Clients use our innovation lab services to:

1. Validate new business ideas

2. Identify potential products/services

3. Validate the product map

4. Identify appropriate price points and features

5. Version and bundling preference

Strategic growth workshop is offered to companies that are at the cross roads of stagnant growth and increasing competitive and margin pressures. The workshop is anchored by senior consultants at Browne & Mohan who bring in their years of experience and expertise advising CEO in the industry to synthesize options and recommend high-impact actionable solutions.






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